Monday, February 20, 2006

Something I've Noticed

I lost control again. For no reason really. I have anger and issues like everyone. I’m full of shit and sweet as cotton candy. I compromise myself to the will of the wind. It pushes me and I lose control.
If ever there was a place for me than perhaps this is it. Los Angeles is an island floating on a sea of hopelessness and breast implants. We are a confused and fucked up bunch, those of us that call the island home. We are the greatest people in the world and every last one of us is an idiot.
I’m drinking a glass of wine that cost more than my shoes and chasing each sip with a handful of Pringles that set me back about a buck for the whole can. I like to even myself out. Tomorrow I’ll go barefoot and drink crappy beer with my prime rib. That’s how we keep it real here in the land of make believe.
It’s all a movie. Sure there are the obvious, the rich and beautiful, but even the ugly and poor are faking it. Gangs shoot babies in Compton because it’s hardcore and everything else they saw on HBO. Girls ride busses from Minnesota just to suck a few dicks before being sent home with their tails between there legs and sores on their lips. It is a melting pot and it boils over.
My issues with control could probably be traced back to my childhood. Perhaps I wasn’t hugged as a kid. Maybe I was hugged too much. Either way it doesn’t matter. My issues could be traced back but I won’t follow them. That whole line of thinking is for the weak and the lost, like all things religion it gives them hope and frees them from taking blame for themselves. They run this damn island.
Unlike most of the other inmates, I moved here against my will. I have never desired to live in L.A., and if not for Disneyland would probably have never visited California at all. Yet, here I am, serving a life term for crimes I’ve yet to commit. There are plenty of others that are here by choice and breaking laws by the second. I play the ying to their yang. I did not vote for them.


Derby said...

It's all way to true brother. I went to Cali against my will and ended up back in Minn but the only problem I have it that I kinda want to go back. I miss my friends like mad. People here mite be Minn nice but there defenitly not Minn come over to my place and hang for a while like in LA. I just hope the reasons we moved back pan out. I know I've told ya in a couple of different ways but congrats on jr I'm so happy for ya. talk to ya soon.
Later Derby

Joe said...

When did you move to LA? (kidding)

anthony said...

its two thirty in the damn morning and i am sitting hear listening to some one hit wonder song about cheating on your whatever that i specificaly associate with maxdons and a weird night of shots reading about your struggles with the island of los angeles. i think i am way late, but i cant help agree with derby. its fucked up, but its better than here, wherever here is. there is something to be said for friends, especially the ones that make you think and without trying push you to be a better person. its funny reading this post miles davis, and i sort of see it coming, in a wierd back-to-the-future-hindsight-foresight-biff-has-the-sports-almanac sort of way. whit, you a fantastic person and i am happy to know you.